Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt your heart drop to your stomach when you go to power up your laptop and all you get is a blank screen. Or, how about that feeling of sheer helplessness when you shatter your cell phone (also known as a lifeline to many) into a million little pieces?

The fact is, we’ve become a society totally reliant on our electronic devices and it can really feel like the end of the world when one of them breaks or malfunctions.

We know that feeling all to well and that’s why we’re dedicated to being your top, trusted electronic device repair company.

If It’s Broken, We’ll Fix It!

…Because we do more than fix cracked screens…

Smart Phone & Tablet Repair

Cracked Cellular Phone Screens

Speaker Replacements


Batteries (various devices)

Hard Drives

Virus Removal


Electronic Gadget Repair

Vending Machines



Deejay Strobe Lights

Gaming Systems


Who We Are?


Started by our glamorous, screwdriver-wielding founder Toni Robinson, Stilettos and Screwdrivers LLC is committed to not only fixing your broken gadgets but also giving you the tools necessary to help you build your own thriving mobile business.

Had you told Toni 15 years ago that she’d be training and developing electronic and mobile repair techs like yourself she probably would have laughed in your face.

 Quickly heading towards high school graduation, she was faced with choosing a career patch that would not only pique her interest but also financially sustain her. After landing an apprenticeship with the New York Transit Authority Toni soon found that she had a passion for fixing what was broken.

Years of rising the ranks of corporate leadership and staying current with technology lead Toni to creating her own mobile business: Stilettos and Screwdrivers.

In just a few short years she’s cultivated a profitable brand with repeat clientele and a stellar reputation.

Mapping Your Path To Success

At the time Stilettos and Screwdrivers LLC was launched there was no manual on how to successfully build a mobile-based business. The process of launching and building it into a visible brand is one that has taken time and a proven to be quite the learning experience.

Equipped with her professional skill set and business and team building know how, Toni and the Stilettos and Screwdrivers LLC team are passionate about helping others see their true potential and build the business of their dreams.

Tech Training and Development

Due to our commitment to education and professional development we’ve created several self-study guides as well as one-on-one coaching options to assist you in accomplishing your business goals.

You Are Your Brand

And You Can Build Your Reputable, Profitable and Sustainable Business.

Take your mobile business to the next level of success

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