Microsoldering Workshop

Microsoldering Workshop



Toni Robinson: Founder of Stilettos & Screwdrivers

Christian Alanis: Former Lead Tech of CPR Cell Phone Repair, Owner of Mr. Tech Coach Entreprise

  • Troubleshooting 101

Learn the simplest ways to find the symptoms to common problems and the most efficient way to solve these problems

(Ex: iPhone 7plus infinite boot loop, touch disease, no sim etc...)

  • Schematics & Programming

Learn and understand programming syntax and how to read schematics correctly in order to get to the solution quickly

  • Manufacturer Defects

Learn how to detect Apple’s most common design flaws and how to repair them

BYOB!!  (Bring your own boards)

Although we provide boards to work on…

** Here is your opportunity to repair any dead phones you have stored away or in your possession to immediately receive ROI**  [return on investment] because we all know restored phones can be sold and is easy money in the bank.

  • Business Building Session

A strategy session on how to market your new skill will be held.

Workbook guide given on how to optimize your social platforms to reflect your new skill.

Walk away from the training with a 30 day growth plan that will help you reach your money goal you would like to set after learning your Microsoldering skill.

Provided Material

*Customized Journal with Cliff notes for future reference

*Links to tools and schematics

*Access to a Private Free Microsoldering Group Forum for assistance after training

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Microsoldering Workshop